Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wouldn't the world be nicer if we were all friends?

Well in Nicholas' Montessori world, they are all friends.  The teachers never seem to say things like, "hey, you guys," like I occasionally did to my fourth graders.  They invite the "friends" to the carpet for circle and remind the "friends" to choose their own lessons.  The intentional use of the word "friend" was contagious and I quickly found myself using the word to refer to the children in his class, at the gym or at a playdate.  Nicholas now uses "my friend" as a title, like we might use Mr. or Mrs. 

The assumption that we are all friends creates a positive vibe and I'll do my best to keep Nicholas thinking that everyone is friends. 

(And I'm hoping, it is still Monday somewhere, since I fell asleep before I could post last night.) 

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