Monday, December 20, 2010

Is your Facebook profile more complete than your baby book?

A few months after meeting my future husband, we made the journey "upstate", so I could meet his parents.  I got a tour of his family's home and a peek into his childhood.  His mother had taken out the baby book and photo albums, despite my husband's protests.  As I looked at each page, I kept saying how cute he was, but I was really thinking I can't believe what a great mom she was to keep such a detailed record of his life.  Everything was documented in the most perfect penmanship.  My baby book on the other hand was started with good intentions but was nowhere near complete and my little sisters' books were practically nonexistent.  I felt jealous of the attention my future mother-in-law had paid and I made a silent vow to keep a better baby book than my mother had.  I couldn't, however, share this with Bill as we hadn't even considered marriage and talking about children at this point was a definite no-no.

Well, a year later we were engaged, then married and two years after that we were expecting our first child.  Nicholas' godmother gave us a beautiful baby book at my shower and again I vowed to complete this baby book because I was going to be an organized, super mom.  My baby deserved only the best.  Like my mom, I guess I got distracted.  I didn't even have a good excuse.  I was lucky enough to be home with Nicholas for the first 6 months and worked only part-time the following year.  As Nicholas weighed in each month and then started hitting milestones, I told myself I would remember and sometimes I did.  When I would finally sit down to fill it in, I realized I missed stuff, too.  Did you know you are supposed to pay attention to the order teeth appear?  I got frustrated as the blank spaces became more evident and eventually gave up. 

While I was disappointed in my ability to live up to my mother-in-law's standard, I took some comfort knowing that I had kept a detailed photo diary on Nicholas' very own Shutterfly site.  I decided it was important to have some physical documentation as well, so I focused my attention on creating photo books.  I told myself this was a more meaningful way to document Nicholas' life and got to work.  I focused my energy on an alphabet book showcasing Nicholas' first year and even had copies made for his grandparents, godparents and aunts and uncles for favors at his first birthday party.  The book with its rhyming verses was a huge success and I figured this would be my new media. 

In the next year, I made an occasional book when Shutterfly had a good sale or special occasion and I stopped ordering countless prints.  I had overflowing shoe boxes of pictures that were out of order and I was pretty sure I was missing some months all together. Somewhere along the line,  Facebook became increasingly popular and even my mom got an account.   With most of my friends and family members on Facebook, it became easier to post pictures of Nicholas there and I found myself sharing little details about our life in my status.  When Tyler was born, I waited a day, but I proudly posted his stats and pics from my Blackberry as the well wishes poured in.  I love receiving the comments on the brotherly love, adorable outfits and faces and now as a stay-at-home mom, I have become addicted to this new way of communicating.  Now Tyler is almost 4 months and I don't have an official baby book or even a photo book in the works.  However, if you scroll down my Facebook profile, you will get a good idea of our life together...maybe even more complete than a baby book filled with dates and numbers.  Now if only I could turn all those darling pics, status updates and comments into a photo book.  Then I would have something to show their future loves...


  1. I need a like button! My mom kept amazing baby books and I am struggling to keep Ben's and Theo's up to date... but it is all there on FB!

  2. Apparently I'm not alone...I just read this great tip in Parents magazine (February 2011, page 21)...

    "Let's face it: All of your status updates are about your newborn anyway, so capture them (and the nice comments left by your friends and family) for your baby to enjoy one day. Take screen shots of your wall each week, and collect the printouts into a journal."

    This still requires more organizational skills than I have right now. But someday I will hopefully get around to this.